Are you a local artist? Union Street wants to display your work!

We need local art for the walls of the Grill & The Grotto

Calling all artists! We’re looking for new and emerging local artists to display on the walls of The Grotto, and we also want an artist in residence to showcase in The Grill.

Is this you? Know someone with mad art and/or photography skills? If so, we have the wall space and we’re looking to fill it with some amazing artwork starting August 1.

We’re a great place to get your work noticed. Artwork will hang on the wall of The Grotto for a period of three months, and work by our artist in residence will display in The Grill for six months. We’ve also been known to throw an awesome art opening!

How do you display your artwork at Union Street Grill & Grotto?

It’s simple. Whether you’re a photographer, a mixed-media artist, or a painter, we’re looking for you. Interested artists should contact our manager, Che, at 250-897-0081 or to discuss your work.

We’ve had great exhibits and openings this past year that included local artists like Andrew Talbot, Oliver Knapp, as well as our current collaborative showcase by Guy Benoit and Alan Stoddart. We’ve also had the pleasure of displaying our photographer in residence, Bert Badey for nearly one year—he was that popular!

So, grab your best pieces—or get working on some new ones—and head on over to Union Street to talk art. And maybe grab a fabulous lunch or dinner while you’re here.

Call our management team at 250-897-0081 or if you prefer, send us an email at

We look forward to hanging your artwork!