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Celiacs and gluten-free diners unite at Union Street!

Dining out in the Comox Valley when you’re celiac or otherwise choose to eat gluten-free isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re so proud to offer a dedicated gluten-free menu, where you’ll find an extensive selection of gluten-free entrées, appies and even desserts.

In fact, all of our bakery items are also gluten-free, as we use only gluten-free flours and oats. The same goes for all of our soups and sauces – also gluten-free!

You could say we’re the next best thing to a dedicated gluten-free restaurant in the Comox Valley!

Gluten Free Photo

While this may be news to you, it isn’t to us – we introduced our gluten-free menu five years ago! And because so many people, especially celiacs, simply can’t have any gluten, we’ve structured our kitchen accordingly. We have colour-coded cutting boards and tongs to keep things separate, and we even have a dedicated gluten-free deep-fryer and charbroiler.

We already make everything from scratch, including our sauces, salad dressings and marinades, so controlling ingredients comes easily to us. We work with less mainstream ingredients like quinoa that offer our diners new flavours and textures.

Union Street Grill was featured in a 2010 issue of Maclean’s magazine for our use of quinoa, an ancient Andean grain that has been hailed as “wonder food” for its healthful properties.

The only gluten to be found in our kitchen is provided by suppliers like Grains. All of our breads, however, are kept apart in a separate container to avoid cross-contamination.

Click here to view our gluten-free menu.

For more information, call 250-897-0081 or drop in at 477 Fifth Street in downtown Courtenay.