Get your tickets for Flavour before they sell out!

Be ready to grab your tickets online at 10am on July 6

Set the alarm on your phone! Leave neon coloured sticky notes all over your house! Tickets for Flavour, The North Island’s Gourmet Picnic, go on sale at 10am Wednesday, July 6! That’s only TWO days away!

This three-time sell-out event is incredibly popular and expected to sell out that very day. So clear your calendar for the morning of July 6 and get online to snag yourself some tickets to Flavour!

Click here to head to the online ticket store Wednesday, July 6 at 10am

What is Flavour and why do you want to go?

Flavour is an incredible gourmet picnic organized by the North Island College (NIC) Foundation. Boasting more than 30 vendors already on board, fans will find many returning favourites, along with a host of fresh faces ready to please the palate.

This year, the fourth Flavour returns Sunday, September 18 at Coastal Black Estate Winery from 1 to 4 pm. Guests will enjoy an afternoon of relaxed indulgence listening to live music and sampling an exquisite array of food and beverage offerings.

To date, Flavour has raised over $60,000 to create much-needed bursaries that give local NIC students the means to pay for college.

Click here to find out more about Flavour and why you don’t want to miss this foodie event

How do you get tickets to Flavour?

It’s simple. Psyche yourself up and head over to the online ticket store before 10am on Wednesday, July 6. Then, have those fingers ready at the keyboard for the tickets to launch at 10am!

The cost of each ticket is $75 and it’s going to a good cause—college students and your belly will thank you! Please keep in mind that ticket sales are limited to a batch of 4 tickets per sale.

We’re a big fan of this event and look forward to seeing you there!

If you miss tickets, be sure to stop by and dine with us during Flavour! We will an extra special menu available all weekend long that highlights the bounty of our local producers.