Kevin Mitchell In The Grotto!

Kevin Mitchell in the Grotto!

ATTENTION: Kevin Mitchell’s performance will be rescheduled due to another big event happening downtown. Date and time will be announce as soon as possible!


We are excited to announce that Kevin Mitchell will be performing in Union Street Grill and Grotto!

Prairie born and raised, Kevin Mitchell has been living and playing on the west coast for 25 years. In the vein of Country Roots, his style is honest and persuasive. Strong rhythms and uniquely original lyrics combine for a refreshing original sound. A finger picking style that sounds like the band. A unique rhythm that is highly syncopated and bass heavy. With over 200 original songs and a few select covers his range is diverse and eclectic. With a sound somewhere between Fred Eaglesmith, Mark Knopfler, and Bob Dylan, he swings from Blues to Country, Folk to Reggae with ease. A new voice emerging on to the Canadian Folk scene, Kevin performs with the confidence of an experienced troubadour Currently recording his 4rth CD with Corwin Fox, he is very excited to capture his latest direction in Canadian Folk Roots.

Kevin Mitchell comes to us from Denman Island, British Columbia–Crow & Wolf’s first Canadian artist! He performs country/roots music that is organic in all the best traditions of folk and has a groove that gels with the very best roots rock of all North America. His music bears the influences of Bob Dylan, Leon Redbone, Waylon Jennings and other greats, yet is thoroughly original and masterfully played on guitar and mandolin. His songs bear the stamp of country and folk’s plain and simple views of life, the universe and everything!

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Kevin Mitchell hosts an audience to an evening of songs that inspire reflection and laughter, all with a splash of Dylan’s twang, Leon Redbone’s warmth and acoustic fingerpicking that dares one to close their eyes and hear the band coming out his playing style.

The Mellow Side Arts Lounge, Duncan

Dylan is alive and well and living on Denman Island. At least, Kevin Mitchell with his new CD, All The Way sure sounds like Dylan. And I’m talking the old Dylan – playing acoustic guitar and singing about real stuff.

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Read more about Kevin here.

Come enjoy the performance and great food at Union Street!