Local Producer Spotlight: Fanny Bay Oysters

Here at Union Street Grill & Grotto, we support local producers and build our delectable menu around the fresh, local ingredients that are available in the bountiful Comox Valley.

Here’s just one of the hardworking local producers that we are proud to support…

Fanny Bay Oysters: Serving up world-class shellfish in the Comox Valley

As one of the largest shellfish producers on the coast of British Columbia, Fanny Bay Oysters farms oysters and clams in the cool, clean, nutrient-rich waters of Baynes Sound. Their succulent shellfish products include fresh and individually quick frozen (IQF) shucked Pacific Oysters, live banquet and IQF Pacific oysters and live and IQF Manila clams.

Fanny Bay Oysters are famous in the Comox Valley and elsewhere in BC, and they’re also exported to Asia, Europe and the United States for use in high-end restaurants and oyster bars.

Why do we choose Fanny Bay Oysters?

We’re pleased to work closely with such amazing people that help us feed a healthy, vibrant and growing community.

As a local producer of world-class high protein food, Fanny Bay Oysters works hard to deliver consistent customer satisfaction—each and every time. In their words, “consistent customer satisfaction allows us to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.” fanny_bay_oysters

They’re also committed to their employees and a healthy shellfish farming industry. The people at Fanny Bay Oysters are highly knowledgeable and vastly experienced. Plus, their operation pays close attention to quality and safety, offering an incredibly reliable harvest and distribution of fresh shellfish – shellfish that we proudly serve our diners on a daily basis.

You can find our extensive menu online. We include a variety of Fanny Bay Oysters’ shellfish in our dishes. Call us today at 250-897-0081 to make a reservation or order take-out!

Where else can you find Fanny Bay Oysters?

Take some Fanny Bay Oysters home with you from the Fanny Bay Oysters Seafood Shop at the Buckley Bay ferry terminal. There you will find a selection of oysters and clams year round, as well as a seasonal selection of scallops, shrimp, prawns, crab and a variety of fish. Of course, you can also find them on the menu here at Union Street Grill and Grotto and other fine restaurants!