Local Producer Spotlight: Lighthouse Brewing Company

Here at Union Street Grill & Grotto, we support local producers and build our delectable menu around the fresh, local ingredients that are available in the bountiful Comox Valley and elsewhere on Vancouver Island.

Here’s just one of the hardworking local producers that we’re proud to support…

Lighthouse Brewing Company: brewing flavourful craft beer every day

Since 1998, Victoria’s Lighthouse Brewing Company has been crafting a labour of love that consistently results in a quality product. Founded by artisanal spirit and kegs of one delicious ale delivered to local pubs and restaurants, their line-up of craft beer is now enjoyed by the masses.

Lighthouse is run by a diverse crew of seaworthy folks that love beer from start to finish. Believing that one of the main ingredients missing from the German Beer Purity Law of 1516 is passion, Lighthouse Brewing Company definitely adds a whole lot of passion to the mix. And they do so successfully.

Why do we choose Lighthouse Brewing Company?

Lighthouse is about more than just beer. Don’t get us wrong, being in the business of making awesome beer is a top priority. But they’ve also made the way in which they brew and package their beer a big deal.

Lighthouse Brewing Company takes their waste seriously and has been awarded with three Vancouver Island Ecostar awards for sustainable operations in the City of Victoria. Passionate about caring for the island they live on, Lighthouse started their latest waste reduction program last year and has successfully diverted 5000kg of solid waste and 120,000 litres of liquids from the landfill to recycling, repurposing, and reusing end points. 

They’re not stopping there, though. The Lighthouse crew continues to find ways to improve their business every day. While the business of producing beer sustainably isn’t cheap, Brewer Chris Lukie says it “allows us to hold our heads high knowing we are on a sustainable path and being good citizens and neighbours on Vancouver Island.”

Nice, right?

Where else can you find Lighthouse Brewing Company’s beer?

Lighthouse’s lineup of beer can be found at both government and private liquor stores, as well as many pubs and restaurants—like us—across Vancouver Island. You can also check out their showroom down in Esquimalt and fill up on growlers.

Whatever way this beer ends up in your glass, you’ll definitely enjoy it. But don’t take our word for it!

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