Local Producer Spotlight: Natural Pastures Cheese Company

NPCC_logoHere at Union Street Grill & Grotto, we support local producers and build our delectable menu around the fresh, local ingredients that are available in the bountiful Comox Valley.
Here’s just one of the hardworking local producers that we’re proud to support…

Natural Pastures creates award-winning traditional & artisan cheese

Embracing the creative potential of fresh milk, Natural Pastures Cheese Company lovingly handcrafts award-winning cheese from the fresh milk of happy Vancouver Island cows and water buffalo.

Natural Pastures began making their incredible cheeses in 2002. They now offer nearly 20 artisan cheeses in their tantalizing line-up—soft cheeses like Comox Brie and Comox Camembert; semi-soft like the Comox Valley favourite Amsterdammer; and fresh cheese like Bocconcini di Bufalo, to name a few.

A number of these artisan cheeses have won both national and international awards—more than once. No surprise if you’ve had the pleasure of indulging in any of their remarkable cheeses.

Passionate about what they do – and how they do it

Seeing themselves as farmers, cheesemakers and stewards of the future, Natural Pastures Cheese Company keeps things simple. They believe in sustainable farms and forests and a natural production system.

As third-generation farmers, Natural Pastures Cheese Company is committed to bringing nothing but quality to your table. They creatively combine local island flavours with European cheesemaking traditions, resulting in unique artisan cheese that’s sure to please any palate.

Where can you find Natural Pastures cheese?

You can find Natural Pastures Cheese at the Artisan Cheese Shop located at their cheese factory on McPhee Avenue in Courtenay. There, you’ll find a variety of delightful artisan cheeses, as well as seasonal products that won’t be found anywhere else.

Natural Pastures Cheese can also be found at various retail stores on Vancouver Island and across Canada; at a selection of top-quality restaurants, like us, in Comox, Courtenay, Tofino and Victoria; and at the Comox Valley Farmer’s Market all year long.

Check their website for full details on where to find their cheeses—your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

Why do we choose Natural Pastures?

We’re pleased to work closely with such amazing people that help us feed a healthy, vibrant and growing community.

As a passionate family-owned company, Natural Pastures produces cheese that is bold, wholesome and delicious. It’s made with only the freshest ingredients selected from farms sharing the same holistic values.

In their words, “Natural Pastures cheese embodies all that is naturally good about Vancouver Island.” And we agree wholeheartedly.

We include a variety of Natural Pastures cheeses in our dishes. You can find our extensive menu on our website.

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