Tree Island Yogurt is a taste above the rest

Local Producer Spotlight: Tree Island Yogurt

Here at Union Street Grill & Grotto, we support local producers and build our delectable menu around the fresh, local ingredients that are available in the bountiful Comox Valley and elsewhere on Vancouver Island.

Here’s just one of the hardworking local producers that we’re proud to support…

Tree Island Yogurt: making delicious grass-fed, artisan products for yogurt lovers

In 2012, Merissa Myles and Scott DiGuistini opened the first artisan yogurt plant on Vancouver Island. This microbiologist and whole food enthusiast began their foray into the yogurt making business after returning from a trip to France. In BC, there wasn’t anything comparable to the artisan yogurt made from fresh whole milk in France, so Merissa and Scott set out to create some delicious natural yogurt themselves.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Tree Island Yogurt gives consumers a hearty taste of locally produced, artisan dairy products with their diverse selection of Greek Yogurt and Cream Top Yogurt.

Why do we choose Tree Island Yogurt?

Ingredients matter. Tree Island uses 100% fresh whole milk from Birkdale Farm in Comox, and they carefully select the best ingredients to handcraft their yogurt in small batches using a traditional, slow-kettle cooking method. Their products are free from antibiotics and growth hormones, containing only 100% fresh whole milk, live cultures, and natural flavours like honey.

Committed to nourishing our community, strengthening the local food system, and promoting land stewardship, Tree Island Yogurt supports local, grass-fed dairy farms with pastures that promote healthy ecosystems. They also care about the environment and are currently using 50% less plastic in their new product packaging.

Passionate about health, Tree Island Yogurt is working towards a happy, healthy future by consistently producing a quality product that is both nourishing and insanely delicious.

Where else can you find Tree Island Yogurt?tree island yogurt

You can find the natural goodness of Tree Island Yogurt at the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market, and in specialty grocery stores on Vancouver Island and in the Metro Vancouver area.

You can also take advantage of their home delivery service, or dine out and find their products in quality Comox Valley restaurants—like us! We use Tree Island Yogurt for our special menu items, so feel free to ask us about it on your next visit.

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