Walk on the wild side of art at Union Street Grotto

Local art on display at Union Street Grotto

Come join us on The Grotto side of things for a curious blend of artistic energy and style with our upcoming art exhibit that opens Thursday, May 19 at 5pm. That’s today!!!

But this isn’t just a month long art exhibit! From May 19 through July 31 the walls of our Grotto will be filled with individual and collaborative works by Guy Benoit and Alan Stoddart.

A Walk on the Wild Side is a Canadian story of Francophone and Anglophone collaboration spanning a generation. What’s been said to be “an unusual artistic collaboration, in which Guy adapts Alan’s elemental abstracts” is sure to please your pallet.

Get yourself down to The Grotto tonight (Thursday, May 19) for an evening filled with art, music, good people, and some sweet deals on food and drink. The festivities start at 5pm.

About Guy Benoit & Alan Stoddart

Guy Benoit

This once marketing powerhouse, Aero Engine Technician with the RCAF, and security guard at McGill University is a native of Montreal, and has always had a place for art in his heart. guy benoit art at union street grotto

Always experimenting with style, Guy’s dabbled with Realism, Abstract, and, what he calls, “Impulsionism.” His main influence is Surrealist painter Salvador Dali, and he now considers himself an Expressionist.

Over his painting career, Guy’s work has been shown in a number of exhibitions throughout Quebec—including a few solo shows—and his work can be found in his studio over on Denman Island, as well as the walls of the Guesthouse and the General Store. Plus, right here at The Grotto!

Alan Stoddart

This adventurous soul was born to British parents in a small town in the Yukon, but spent his childhood over in the UK. After much saving, Alan landed himself in Vancouver when he was 20.

Alan became a husband and a father, and then life placed him back in the UK for 30 years. There, he alan stoddart art at union street grottoworked in his father’s photographic business (until digital took over), casinos, and on board cruise ships—always longing to return to Canada. After losing his wife to illness in 2009, Alan found himself woofing in the Okanagan, on Pender Island, and finally over on Denman Island.

Surrounded by artist friends, Alan found himself giving the artist thing a try despite his art teacher having told him that he’d never be an artist. In 2013, he had his first art show and hasn’t looked back.

Alan’s also a stage performer and writes humourous poetry that’s been published repeatedly—including the poem thanking the D.I. Fire Department for their timely response to a forest fire that he inadvertently started!

Come get your art on at The Grotto Thursday, May 19

Guy and Alan’s exhibit opening isn’t something you want to miss. There’s going to be live music and the artists themselves, along with some fantastic drink and tapas specials.

Good things keep happening down here at Union Street Grotto. We look forward to having you join us.