It’ll Be A Hair-raiser!
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It’ll be a hair-raiser!

A bewitching Halloween awaits you at Union Street

It’s no trick when we tell you that we love Halloween. Every year, we embrace October 31 with plenty of ghostly spirit. This year will be no different. So come join us for a monstrous amount of fun!

We love to dress-up. Come by and see what crazy costumes we come up with. If you arrive in costume, we will gladly take 10% off the bill. This terrifyingly good offer is up for grabs to everyone who dines with us in their Halloween costume on October 31.

Other Halloween happenings will include:

Frightening Food

A hair-rasing Halloween dinner menu will be served on both sides from 5pm – 9pm.

Pumpkin Carving

Staff will be carving up some pumpkins to put on display for all of you. You’ll be able to vote for your favourite one and grab a little treat when you do.


At 4pm we’ll be armed with candy to hand out to all those mini-costumed characters enjoying the Halloween Parade & Party.

Don’t miss out on all the other frightening fun taking place in downtown Courtenay on Halloween. Be sure to include the Courtenay Library, Lewis Centre, and the haunted house over at The LINC (October 25 until October 31) in your Halloween agenda.

Call 250-897-0081 to reserve some space at our terrifying table on Tuesday, October 31.

Happy Halloween!