Eat. Enjoy. Help A Local Charity.
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Eat. Enjoy. Help a local charity.

Frequent diners, come eat with us this month…

and we will donate 10% of your bill!

You read the headline right! Throughout the month of September, you can help us help others every time you join us for lunch and dinner.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Come join us for a meal
  2. Let us know that you’re a Frequent Diner and that you’d like to help
  3. Fill out a ballot naming your charity of choice
  4. We calculate 10% of your total bill, include it on your ballot, and enter your charity into the draw
  5. On October 1, we tally up the charity votes and the donation amounts from each bill. The charity with the most votes will receive the total sum raised.

The winning charity will be announced October 1, and receive a cheque from us here at Union Street.

Not a frequent diner? No problem! You can sign up for free right at your table. Just let us know!

What’s so special about being a Frequent Diner?

Other than enjoying our delicious menu on a regular basis, Frequent Diners accumulate points with every meal. For every $100 spent, you’re rewarded with a $5 discount! If you like, you can save your discounts and use them all at once. Your points. Your choice.

Start stuffing that ballet box with the name of your favourite local charity!

Call 250.897.0081 to reserve a table today.