Our 20th Anniversary & Plans for the future…

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Our 20th year!

Danielle and I were working away in the office the other day when the topic of our 20th year came up. It seemed like just last month we were planning our 19th year contests and specials, and yet here we were contemplating our 20th. I have to tell you that when we first started Union Street, we had a five year plan….then a 10 year, then the Grotto, and now here we are. In the life span of Union Street, we’ve raised two kids, obtained and lost two dogs, two cats, numerous house guests (some assets and some not), two grandkids and a slew of renovations, attempts to lead “normal” lives with family friends and finding time for ourselves. Danielle and I have been active skiers, Gabriola kayaking july 2012 (12)even squeezing in skiing holidays. We’ve purchased kayaks and have kayaked all over Vancouver Island, and as I write this, I realize we have lead pretty active lives. But seriously! 20 years??  It seems at times that our whole life has been Union Street. We’ve worked hard over the years, spending a lot of time planning, organizing, prepping and doing things that just had to be done. There have been parties galor with live music, weddings, birthdays (my 50th was a smash!). We’ve been involved with local charities, the DCBIA, local farmers and businesses. On the flip side we’ve lost friends (and family) over the years because we were just to darn busy! But through all that we’ve built up something we can be proud of and I can certainly say that we are never, ever bored. Our customers have given us the confidence and reassurance that what we have done was the right thing, the right way. Even though things don’t always go according to plan, and we have made some pretty big detours, Union Street has become a great business from both the inside and outside. Mark & Danielle July 2013

So what about the future?

Back to the original topic – sorry I digressed… 20 years. Danielle and I looked hard at when the right time would be to turn the reigns over to a younger generation, and now seems to be it. We feel we’ve taken Union Street as far as we are confident to and it has grown to the point where it needs more than we can provide. Union Street has been a great trip, it has provided us with a great life, lots of friends and business associates in our great community. Everyday we meet someone new and laugh with old friends. But with The Grill and The Grotto it’ll provide another great 20 years for a younger couple (or two) to carry on.

So plan to hear about Union Street being “on the market”. We’ll be coming up with a plan to sell the business and the building. There is no intention of closing the doors – the business runs so well, and with last years reno of The Grotto, it has become a great alternative for families and groups to ‘hang out’ and enjoy our neighbourhood. Feel free to stop by, say hello and impart any stories you have of Union Street and the last 20 years. Thank you for all the great times!!US front 2 June 2012

 Mark & Daniellethankyou mucho

April, 2013

For more information about the sale, go HERE….

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