Pack The Perfect Picnic

Pack the perfect picnic

Packing essentials for the ulitmate picnic

There’s nothing better than dining outside with fantastic food, good people, and scenic views.

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two, a concert picnic with friends, or an outdoor family meal, these five must-haves will have you picnicking like a rockstar…

Five things that will help you pack the perfect picnic

Keep it cool.

It’s important to store food at the right temperature to keep it from spoiling and avoid bacteria. Keep everything cool and delicious by using refreezable ice packs or resealable bags of ice cubes that can be used in your beverages throughout the meal.

Why not have a little fun with practical?! Place frozen water balloons in your basket, bag, or cooler to keep drinks and food chilled. Then, once they’ve thawed you’re armed with enough anmmunition for a water fight.

Get cozy.

Comfort is key when it comes to the picnic blanket. Choose one with a soft texture and appealing design, and place a shower curtain liner beneath the blanket to keep your bottoms dry. Toss in some nice big pillows to make lounging more enjoyable and add a little style to your picnic scene.

Remember tableware.

It will be difficult to share all that delicious food and drink without plates, cups, and utensils. Don’t forget lightweight, stackable dishes, shatter proof glassware (or plastic), utensils, serving spoons, a cutting knife and board, and napkins. Be sure to remember the bottle opener and corkscrew too!

Pack a playlist.

Music is an essential part to any picnic. If you don’t have a portable speaker to pack with you, simply place the speaker end of your phone into an empty cup and crank it up. Keep in mind that glass will work better than plastic.

Don’t skip dessert.

That’s pretty obvious! But it’s a good idea to skip the summer pie and opt for simple individual treats like cookies, squares, or mason jar desserts.

Better yet, we have a great selection of personal-sized dessert options like chocolate chip cookies, rice krispie squares, and crème brûlée that make the perfect take-away addition to any picnic.

If you don’t feel like preparing your picnic food, we have a terriftic take-out menu that packs well wherever you’re headed. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options are included!

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Feature photo by Arthur Poulin