Mr. Potato Head's Half Baked Adventure

PotatoheadMr potato made the news!!

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Mr. Potato Head has returned!

One of our favourite kid’s toys has returned from an eventful, unplanned adventure. Mr. Head was added to our abundant, everchanging kid’s play area about a year ago and mysteriously disappeared. Little beknownst to us, one of our customers had developed a relationship with Mr. Head and they decided to take him on a family journey only to return him to us accompanied by a photo frame and a series of scandalous photos! Oh, had we only known what lay in store for dear, old Potato, we wouHe got to fly up front!!ld have kept a closer eye on him. All we can gather so far is that he left here on his own free will (must be long term customers – he doesn’t take kindly to strangers (except kids!) and he boarded a plane. He managed to get himself into the cockpit and befriended the pilots. (…or was one of the pilots his accomplice?). From there he went south. Looks like the Grand Canyon region…

Sightseeing 2





From there he went to a concert….

Going to a concert





…it looks like the poor guy even got sick!!…

Coming down with a cold






…but, he slept in a comfortable bed at least…

A nice night sleep







There was also a few photos that we couldn’t share. Suffice it to say that Mr. Head had a great time and we’re glad to have him back. One thing from us at Union Street is that whatever happened on Mr. Potato Head’s adventure stays there! We thought this was a funny story and we wanted to share it. Thank you sooo much from all of us here. It made our day!!

Day Hike



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