Together with a business colleague, I recently stopped for dinner at the Union Street Grill. First visit so I didn’t know quite what to expect, and was delighted by the menu. It includes choices from several different cuisines to give you a wide range of flavors. Seating was prompt and the atmosphere was comfortable. I began with a delightfully fresh caesar salad. Jambalaya was my main course; fresh ingredients brought to full flavor by careful seasoning. A wonderful experience. My colleague had a gluten-free dinner he very much appreciated. He’d visited the Union Street Grill several times before and knew he was in for a good dinner. We both skipped desert (I couldn’t have eaten more if I tried) although they looked great. Prices are reasonable for the food served. Check out their menu online. To sum up, I look forward to returning for another dinner…for cajun food on Vancouver Island. Or maybe Italian. Mexican? Thai? Hmmmmmm……too many great choices. Guess I’ll need four or five trips to really get to know it.