We Love Our Gluten-free Menu As Much As You Do
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We love our gluten-free menu as much as you do

Staff favourites from the gluten-free menu

It’s no secret that we have a killer gluten-free menu. In fact, it’s the largest gluten-free and Celiac-friendly menu in the Comox Valley.

Our expansive selection of gluten-free entrees, tapas, and dessert items aren’t just popular with our diners. Our staff members love the diversity of our menu, especially when it comes to our glorious gluten-free options.

Here are three favourite menu items from the gluten-free menu that keep our staff happy and well fed…

The tostadas.

We absolutely adore the tostadas, with our Walnut Mushroom and Chicken Tostadas at the top of the list. Our tostadas are served on a crispy corn tortilla, and come with soup, vegan chili, fries, Screamins, or greens. You can also sub a GF grilled Caesar or yam fries.

The fries.

Need we say more?! It’s rare to find a designated gluten-free fryer in a restaurant, but we’ve got one that happily crisps our yam fries, regular fries, and Screamins to perfection.  Every dish of fries is accompanied by our infamous garlic herb mayo.

The pasta.

Our gluten-free Little Italy is a huge hit with the staff. Offered on both the lunch and dinner menu, this dish contains gluten-free fusilli tossed with fresh spinach, fresh tomatoes, Kalamata olives, green onions, and garlic in extra virgin olive oil mixed with feta cheese.


Come join us for a gluten-free lunch or dinner. Call 250.897.0081 to book a table today.

Don’t be shy about ordering one of our gluten-free desserts!