Union Street Has The Largest Gluten-free Menu!

Union Street has the largest gluten-free menu!

We take our gluten-free and Celiac-friendly options seriously

That’s why we’ve been serving up a seriously delicious gluten-free and Celiac-friendly menu since 2008.

Over the years, we’ve changed a lot of our products and have created new sauces and baked goods that are completely gluten-free. Our cream soups, cream sauces, every tapas, and all of our desserts are also gluten-free—and nothing tastes likes sawdust!

Why have a dedicated gluten-free menu?

Since so many people, such as celiacs, simply can’t have gluten, we wanted everyone to be able to dine with us, and we’ve structured our kitchen accordingly.

To avoid cross-contamination, things like cutting boards and tongs are colour-coded, we have a dedicated gluten-free deep fryer and charbroiler, and we make all of our sauces, dressings, and marinades from scratch—so we have complete control over the ingredients.

We offer a variety of substitutions with gluten-free pasta, organic brown rice, and rice noodles. With all of the research that we’ve done, it’s clear that this is a dietary way of life for many. So, we’ve become one of the most dedicated gluten-free restaurants in the Comox Valley.

You can still grab a regular burger of course, or you can opt to go bun-less. We’ve also created tasty Tostadas—our signature burgers served on top of crispy corn tortillas. Plus, all of our pasta dishes, like ever-popular West Coast Shellfish Linguine, have gluten-free options that make them available to celiacs and others with dietary requirements.

Our famous Steak Sandwich is still served on Artisan Potato Rosemary bread, but try it as a Tostada and you might be equally impressed! There’s a lot going on with our full-length gluten-free menu.

Here at Union Street, the options are endless…

But don’t take our word for it!

Satisfied diners like Justine say it’s “Gluten-free heaven!” and goes on to exclaim:

We stop here every time we are in town because of the gluten-free menu and kitchen. I can eat here and not have to worry about any hidden factors that will make me sick three hours later. They have an excellent selection and great customer service.

Give us a call at (250) 897-0081 to book your gluten-free reservation today! Or, grab yourself some take-out and hit the beach!

Our gluten-free menu can be found online, along with our regular lunch and dinner menus.