Make A Splash!

Make a splash!

Beat the heat at our favourite swimming holes

Summer’s in full swing and it’s a hot one so far. Are you managing to keep cool?!

Here are five of our favourite local places that will help you cool off…

Comox Lake

This glacial lake is a wonderful place to cool off. Plus the surrounding scenery is stunning. There are many great spots to enjoy the lake—such as the main beach area for a quick swim to the floating dock, Whyte’s Bay for the day, or over on the damn side.

Grab your favourite floaty and spend some time lounging in the water, or get on a paddle board and head out to explore the lake before the sun sets. Call some friends and make it a social event!

Barber’s Hole

It’s unanimous, Barber’s Hole is the staff favourite! And what’s not to love?! This freshwater swimming hole is sweet for sunbathing, natural clay treatments, and cooling off.

We’ll see you there!

Goose Spit

The Spit is a great place to enjoy a refreshing, salty dip in the ocean any time of day. Head over for an evening dip with some delicious take-out and enjoy a beach fire at one of the dedicated fire pits.

The Puntledge River

Some of us like to flock to the river for a scenic float. Drop your tube near the fish hatchery for a ride that winds through the woods. Pull ashore at Puntledge Park for a quick dip before continuing on. Exit at Condensory Bridge or float all the way to Lewis Park.

The final leg can be pretty slow moving late in the summer, so consider bringing a small paddle to help you move along. Be sure to avoid fallen, half-submerged trees in the river.

Stotan Falls

These shallow river waters are a great place to cool off while enjoying the natural beauty of this local hot spot. Pack a picnic and spend the day bathing in the cool, refreshing potholes.