20th Anniversary Giveaway

Mark & Danielle July 2013

It seemed like just last month we were planning our 19th year contests and specials, and yet here we were contemplating our 20th.  I have to tell you that when we first started Union Street, we had a five year plan….then a 10 year, then the Grotto, and now here we are, 20 years!!!  There have been parties galore with live music, weddings, birthdays (my 50th was a smash!). We’ve been actively involved with local farmers, food producers and our great community as well as being very supportive of our local businesses and charities. We are also active members of the DCBIA and are committee to our downtown!

Most of you know by now that we advertised the restaurant and the building for sale in 2013. We are planning ahead!  Over the years we have developed relationships, watched our kids grow and have families of their own, so we figured “Let’s branch out a bit, lets take the energy and enthusiasm we throw into Union Street and grow in different directions”. We are still committed and motivated to both serve our customers and be a strong voice in our community. When our restaurant sells we will continue to be supporters of our downtown (when we are not on a tropical beach paradise that is…)

anyway… Here is to 2014!! (clink clink, munch munch, glug glug…)


This year we want to thank all of our past, current and future patrons by offering you all a gift! We have over $1000 in coupons and giveaways  from free lattes,  desserts, tapas, $10 and $20 gift cards,  and even a couple $100 gift cards!!  All of you that are currently subscribed to our emails should have received one  

[callout title=”20th Anniversary Give Away!” =”Sign up here!” link=”http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=dk8wh6cab&p=oi&m=1102640278851&sit=gmhfbakeb” buttoncolor=” orange” target=”_blank or _self”]


To Celebrate our 20th Anniversary we are offering all our email subscribers a free gift! From high value coupons and free specialty drinks to $10, $20 and $100 Gift Cards!! This is not a contest… Everybody gets something!! 
All you have to do is sign up to our email list and then print the coupon we send you in the welcome email then just bring it in any time in the month of January to the grotto and they will draw your gift!! those of you that are already on our list would have received a coupon already in our January news letter, subject being : “20th anniversary giveaway” (NOTE: All gifts must be picked up and redeemed by the 31st of January)
Anyone can get a free gift by signing up to our email list this month feel free to pass this on to a friend or colleague.
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