Jump For Jambalaya!
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Jump for Jambalaya!

We proudly serve this Creole classic

Like most dishes of early American origin, Jambalaya was born out of necessity as an inexpensive and delicious dish to feed many people. It contained whatever ingredients were available. Rural Cajun cooks concentrated on meat from low-lying swamps—adding a variety of bayou game to their one-pot dish.

Jambalaya is traditionally made in three parts with meat—chicken, sausage and seafood—and vegetables. The stock and rice are added in equal parts at the end before all ingredients simmer their way to perfection.

Having a rich culinary history that varies throughout Louisiana, Jambalaya remains a popular one-pot dish with a distinctive flavour.

What makes our Jambalaya so phenomenal?

Our Union Street Grill Jambalaya contains local clams, mussels, prawns, chorizo, chicken, peppers and onions in a fire-roasted tomato cream sauce. Served over brown rice, your taste buds will be doing the Bayou Boogie with each bite!

Every bowl of our Jambalaya is prepared to order—not in advance. The ingredients are slowly and lovingly simmered in our delicious homemade broth before they reach your table.

We support local producers and ingredients for our Jambalaya is no exception. All seafood and meat is sourced locally.

Every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday at union Street!

Every Tuesday at Union Street Grill & Grotto is Jambalaya night, meaning you can save $2 on every bowl. We look forward to serving you!

Call us at 250-897-0081 to make a reservation. Our full menu is available online.