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Buy Local!

Buying Food Grown in the Comox Valley is Awesome

At Union Street, we proudly source many of our ingredients, beers, and wines from local farmers and producers.  More and more people are choosing to buy locally grown and produced food over food transported from thousands of kilometers away.  Why???

For starters, we have plenty of options. Lucky us! Here are more reasons why so many residents are embracing the bounty of the Comox Valley…

Builds community.

Buying directly from the farmer helps build understanding and connection with your neighbours, environment, and community. With many farmers going to the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market every week, you get to meet the farmer who grew your produce and raised your meat. Some even offer tours of their farms!

Boosts local economy.

Buying directly from the farmer results in more profit directed to the farmer instead of the “middle man”. By supporting local farmers you ensure that fresh, locally-grown food remains an option in our community for many years to come.

Health and nutrition.

Many local farmers are certified organic or use organic practices. This means that pesticides and herbicides are NOT an option for growers of vegetables, fruits and berries.

Farmers raising livestock will avoid the use of hormones, antibiotics, and medicated feed that are typical of  “factory farms” producing most of the meat found in large grocery chains. Local livestock is often pastured and the resulting meat (and eggs from poultry) is more nutritious due to the animal’s natural and healthy diet.

Helps the environment.

Buying local decreases the demand for food that needs to be transported into the community, reducing our consumption of energy and fossil fuels.

If farms continue to thrive we will continue to have a beautiful country side inhabited by farmers who value the quality of the local soil and water.

Tastes better.

Local food comes directly from the farm to your table. A lack of extensive travel ensures food that is fresh and more nutritious than travelling food. Also, local fruit is picked when ripe, not before to survive the longevity of an international trip.

There’s nothing sweeter than a locally grown strawberry!