Our 19th Anniversary

January 4, 1994

It was an exciting time in Danielle & Mark 2000our lives.

Danielle and I had decided to throw our proverbial hat into the ring of restaurant ownership in December 1993. We had also, along with Danielle’s brother and wife, decided to join forces in the unstable housing market at the same time. So Christmas, 1993 was spent working our way through boxes of packed belongings at home, and scrubbing, organizing and brainstorming at the future site of The Union Street Grill. On January 4th, 1994, we opened….

Our first menu was handwritten, with hand drawings by yours truly of vegetables, bread baskets and seafood. Among those first items presented were “the Hurford Ham Melt”, “The Westcoast Seafood Toast”. It has since become somewhat of a tradition to offer these same items, plus others that were quite popular in the 1990’s as specials for our “Anniversary Month”

So thank you,  all our patrons of past and present, for your continued support and we wish you all the best of everything in the New Year!

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  1. What a great looking couple…then and now.
    Thanks for creating a wonderful place for us to dine and connect. I can’t imagine the drawings tho..you might need to crayon them again for all to see.

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