Valentines 2013


Ah, romance! Valentines this year is a three day affair at Union Street.

Thursday the 14th, the traditional Valentine’s Day will kick off the weekend with what has become a monthly event, Dinner by Candlelight. At 5pm, all the lights go off in The Grill and dinner is accented with candles on the table, the walls, bar and everywhere else we can fit them. We use a combination of real candles and flickering, battery operated votive candles that actually look like the real thing. Warming, yet energy efficient!

I read up on the history of Valentine’s Day, and I was surprised to find out that it has rather a dark past. History of Valentine’s Day Thank goodness good ol’ Bill Shakespeare saved the day and help create what we now consider a romantic time to celebrate love. With that in mind, we here at Union Street came up with a special menu for the whole weekend along with our regular menu. (you can’t get too much of a good thing!) Valentines Menu 2013

Thursday the 14th – Valentines Dining by Candlelight (For those wanting dinner with real light, we will be offering the same menu in the lighted Grotto) On Friday and Saturday , the 15th & 16th, we will be offering business as usual with the same Valentines menu on both sides of Union Street. So drop by, give us a hug (after all…) and enjoy a great evening. Love to all!

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  1. We love the Grotto for casual , drop in noshes, we love the music, that is a big thing for us, very impactful, and we love the family atmospher,
    also, the Union Street Grill is a favorite of ours for special times that we can count on.

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