Eat To Win!

Eat to win!

We’re giving away two free concert tickets this month

Hey Frequent Diners, want to rock out at The Sid on April 21??! This local venue is holding a fabulous tribute concert. The Journeymen: A tribute to Eric Clapton & Carlos Santana salutes over 100 years of music from two guitar legends.

Here’s how you can enter to win 2 FREE tickets to the show:

  1. Come join us for a meal
  2. Let us know that you’re a Frequent Diner
  3. Fill out a ballot with your name and number
  4. On April 1, we reach deep into the ballot box and choose a winner

One lucky Frequent Diner will be notified by telephone, and get to enjoy this awesome show on us.

Not a frequent diner? No problem! You can sign up for free right at your table, and drop your name and number in the ballot box. Just let us know!

Click here to find out more about the show: