Beat The Afternoon Slump

Beat the afternoon slump

Come join us for lunch

Lunch is often the hardest meal to fit into the day. It falls in the middle of your hectic day, and is quite easy to overlook until your tummy starts grumbling hours later.

Most lunch hours don’t stretch a full 60 minutes. Super busy you is often trying to fit errands, a workout, or even some overtime into your lunch break instead of fueling yourself with nourishing foods.

A healthy body and mind is essential to success in whatever it is that you’re doing. Here are five reasons why it’s important to find the time to break for lunch.

Boost your metabolism

When you skip a meal, your body goes into conservation mode. Your metabolism actually slows down to conserve energy. Eating lunch helps keep your metabolism working throughout the day.

Improve your mood

Hangry is a thing! Hunger causes irritability and is nothing to mess with. Eating a good-sized meal in the middle of the day will refresh the blood sugar levels that you depleted since your last meal.

Beat the afternoon crash

To maintain energy, you need to consume healthy and nutritious foods throughout the day. Without sufficient calorie intake, your body won’t function like it should and you will start to lose energy.

Eating a large and nourishing meal in the middle of the day can help you stay energized throughout your entire day.

Avoid unhealthy cravings

Skipping lunch leads to hunger and the potential for unhealthy late afternoon cravings.

When your stomach is empty, your body releases more ghrelin—the hunger hormone—increasing your desire to eat anything in sight.

Eat less for dinner

When the largest meal of the day is typically eaten a few hours before bedtime, unused calories from that meal are stored as fat while you sleep.

Eating a larger meal at lunchtime will maximize your body’s fat burning potential before bedtime hits, and possibly help you minimize those nighttime indulgences.


If hunger has you down, we can help! Our lunch menu is filled with nutritious and delicious meals. There are plenty of options for diners with food allergies, intolerances, and preferences.

Jazz up Monday’s midday meal with musical entertainment by The Snow Monkeez. They play every Monday at 12:30pm.

If you want to make sure there’s room for you, call 250.897.0081 to make a reservation.

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