Candlelight Dinners

P1030933We started having candlelight dinners here at Union Street a couple of years ago in support of the BC Hydro innitiative.

At home we’ve always been candle burners and even when we go camping we prefer candles to those obnoxious Coleman lanterns or even the lights in our 1990 BigFoot Trailer. It just seems so cozy and dare I say, romantic….

So after that first candlelight dinner, we felt that it was such a great vibe (being a couple of romantics after all) and our guests seem to really enjoy it. There have been a few who have not, generally from a ‘not being able to see’ aspect, and so we have kept The Grotto lit. We serve the same menu so people can go over there and see to their hearts content. One of the trends that we grabbed onto was offering a complimentary Tapas when people arrived. Once your eyesight adjusts, you can navigate your way around the glasses and tableware to find and actually eat it. Having said that, candlelight dinner is not for everyone. You have to be comfortable leaning in and being somewhat intimate with your dining partners. We have our rechargable candles on the table so that no one burns themselves, each other or the menus. (which has happened in the early days when we used candles or oil lamps). On the partition walls we have regular beeswax candles (very aromatic), and in the bathrooms, on the bar and so on. So it is quite a nice light.

I can’t remember any accidents, a few spills, a couple who accidently became closer than they had intended. Actually he fell in her lap, but they’ve been friends ever since. People have walked into the bar, walked into other people, it’s quite an adventure actually. But no serious accidents.

So if you’re a hearty sort, come on Downtown for our Candlelight Dinners. We’re holding one on Saturday, November 30th, and our Second Annual New Years Candlelight Dinner on December 31st. You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. I was just wondering if you ever have anything for singles. I am new to the area and have found that there is no single events of any class. How about hosting a Monday night dinner club for singles. Or while you are having these candlelight dinners, set aside a table for singles to gather at and meet others. I really enjoy your food, but its not as much fun eating alone and meeting other single men and women over a dinner, could be fun. Just a thought.
    Audrie Lankhof

    1. Hi Audrie, I think you have a great idea there. Would you be interested in organizing a group of singles that would like to come and dine at one long table, on November 30th Candlelight Dinner? I did put it out to people on our facebook page. Thanks for your comments.

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