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Thanks so so much

Sincerely Mark and Danielle 

Here are few from last year:

I love the down to earth cooking with flair… the salads are amazing!

I love all the gluten free options and that they seem to be so allergy aware and very accommodating no matter your

The Grill and the Grotto – get a 5 star rating from me. We go into the Grill if want eat “good food” because they never let us down. If we want to eat local produce and drink local wine – they’ve got it. If we want seafood that’s been harvested sustainably and an atmosphere that is comfortable with friendly staff – they’ve got it. Or,if we are downtown and just want a quick snack and a drink we pop into the Grotto. Tried and true, the Union Street Grill is an excellent restaurant and an asset to our community. Highly recommended! Lynn

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  1. My husband and I were visiting BC, we are from Alberta. We were driving the Sunshine Coast, We stopped at your resterant to eat! Was the best meal of the whole trip!!!! Your Glutan Free menu is amazing!!! The service was awesome!!! What a great place to eat!!

    Thanks, Leisa

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