Jumas World fundraiser

6515515_300x300We are  inviting you to join us in support of Juma’s World’s

There will be Live Music + Silent Auction at the Grotto on May 10th. The International Campaign Director for Juma’s World, Daniel Kooman, a resident of Black Creek, is organizing the event along with Jenna and Danielle Duncan of  Downtown Courtenay’s Union Grill and Grotto.

About Juma’s World

Juma’s World is a new charity, and a global empowerment movement. So far, we have produced several documentaries, including Africa Sing Me Your Song and our popular recent film – The Story. We have built two orphanages or Children’s Homes in Tanzania. We sponsor orphans throughout Tanzania by providing for their basic needs and empowering them to dream. We build water wells in remote villages. We take teams on task force volunteer trips to Africa. Currently, we are building a Juma’s World Dream Center outside of Tabora, Tanzania. Thousands of orphans will be empowered to live their best life through this Center.

How you can help:

Join us May 10th, At the Grotto

for live music and Silent Auction Click here for all the info

Make a Donation

Learn more and Make a donation for the Dream Centre Directly on the the Juma’s website:


dream-center-africa-1Funds raised through this May 10th Fundraiser will:

• Directly fund the Dream Center building in Tanzania.
• Empower more children to live their best life.
• Portions from the silent auction will also support volunteers from the Comox Valley during
their Summer 2014 Volunteer Mission of Love with Juma’s World, led by Daniel Kooman.
Thank you for helping to make this a great event in your community! We appreciate your support!