New Years 2013!

Mark & Danielle July 2013Cheers!

By the time New Years rolls around, the last thing a lot of us will feel like, or be able to, do is “Cheers”. Christmas and the holiday season can take its toll. In the restaurant business, its kind of like a double edged butter knife. We’re in the business because we love to host, cook, have parties and gatherings, celebrate our lives. But, if I can be honest, by the time New Years comes, I can’t wait for January. It’s kind of like going to Hornby Island in early July versus at the end of August, September is just around the corner and all Hornbyites can’t wait.

So we’re saying cheers now. The buzz is just starting and Christmas is just around the corner. We can go play in the snow, drink Hot Toddies, eat with no remorse. We’ve started our Candlelight Dinners and we’ll do one every month – November 30th, then New Years, December 31st! We can’t wait!

We don’t have a huge extravigant, expensive menu, prefering to do Tapas. We’ve found that our Tapas are really well received. Everyone shares and you can try a few different things without committing to a $25 single dish item.

Hopefully we’ll see you over the holiday season and be able to ‘Cheers’ in person. We feel that the buzz is rolling now and we are looking forward to a great new year. All the best to you and we wish you a prosperous new year as well


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