Dine Around CV 2014

It seems that we are always celebrating the bounty of our valley.

And so we should because I am Union Streetalways amazed at what we have and take for granted. Our Forfathers and First Nations really must have thought we were in paradise.

So again comes Dine Around Comox Valley. Looking at The Dine Around Campaigns that pop up when you do a Google search, it seems every town has one. Which proves to me that every community has something to celebrate. Just the notion of community is something to celebrate. Whether its local products, festivities, culture, anything that they might celebrate in Whoville, communities are having a Dine Around.

Our Dine Around this year is from February 19th to March 16th, 2014. Here at Union Street we will be offering a three course Menu with local fish, shellfish, organic chicken, gluten free dessert perogies (from The Perogy Factory in Duncan) and our own warm chocolate mousse with lemon glace. So stop by and help us celebrate our local producers, foods and we’ll all gather around the Dogwood tree, hold hands and sing Fah Who Foraze…


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