Valentines 2014

candlelight_dinner.Par.0001Candlelight Dinner on Valentines!

How romantic is that??

We started having candlelight dinners a couple of years ago in conjunction with BC Hydros Powersmart campaign. Little did we know that we could transform Union Street into a warm, glowing event. The dining room was transformed! We use a combination of rechargeable (because we are so environmentally concious) and real wax candles to create a really cozy, romantic ambiance. Now, we are hosting a Candlelight Dinner once a month through the winter months, October thru March. What fun!

P1030933This year, like last, we will be enhancing our Valentines Night (Friday, February 14) with candles and a locally inspired Menu featuring Beaufort Wines and seeing as how it is Seafood Friday, we will include local seafoods as well.

Union Street has also partnered up with Elevate the Arts again in The Grotto on Valentines. Watch out for this local group. “Elevate aims to break down barriers between culture creators and culture producers, to elevate the role of arts and culture in lives community and to encourage us to use culture as a tool to re-imagine the future of our community and the planet”. Stay involve with Elevate on Facebook. They will be putting on a romantic poetry, prose and all out word display featuring local speakers, both Elevate 3professional and amateur. Stay Tuned!!

So, on Valentines, let’s dine, share, celebrate and enjoy!

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