Heading To The Beach?

Heading to the beach?

Don’t forget to pack these easy beach-friendly foods

A day at the beach requires food, but packing for the beach can be a little tricky. There are plenty of factors to consider—like the heat, cooler space, and whether you feel like packing utensils, messy meals, and sand (because you know it has an amazing ability to end up practically everywhere).

Seasoned beach-goers know that anything lettuce-based won’t stand up well after an hour or so (even in a cooler), and anything sticky is a sand magnet. All that aside, there are still a lot of great options when it comes to beach-friendly foods.

Whether you’re going for tasty snacks or a full-on meal, keep these easy to prepare options in mind.

Best food options for a day at the beach

Frozen grapes

Delicious, nutritious, and easy to snack on, frozen grapes are a great thing to pack to the beach. Since the grapes are frozen, they won’t be warm and mushy when it’s time to start snacking. To ensure this sweet and refreshing snack stays that way, pack in a lightly insulated lunch bag.

To prepare, freeze grapes on a parchment lined baking sheet then transfer to a container and keep in the freezer until you’re ready to pack the cooler.

Hard boiled eggs

Hard boiled eggs are a nutritious, filling snack that are easy to prepare and tote along to the beach. They are easy to rinse off if they happen to encounter sand, and are delicious to eat warm or cold.

Just be sure to peel them in advance—it’s far too much work doing it on the beach.

Pita pockets

This sandwich alternative forms a nice protective shell for whatever you’ve stuffed inside. It also works as a temporary mini insulator for fillings you want to keep cool.

Trail mix

Homemade trail mix is an excellent beach snack. It’s a great portable snack option with staying power because the mix of protein, carbs, and healthy fats helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and fill you up.

Unfortunately, chocolate and heat don’t mix, so skip it when you’re mixing up those of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.


Whether you want something sweet or savoury, a bar is a quick and easy way to pack light. Aim for healthy options with minimal ingredients that are high in protein and low in sugar.

Skip bars coated in chocolate to avoid the melted mess.

Apples & Oranges

Unlike bananas, pears, and nectarines, apples and oranges are hard to squash in your beach bag, picnic basket, or cooler. Fruits are a great way to hydrate, so be sure to pack enough for everyone.


While it isn’t as indestructible as apples and oranges, when sliced and packed in a container, watermelon is a refreshing beach food. It’s also delicious and easy to eat. Plus, you just have to hit the water to wash off any of its juices!


Pop some popcorn and toss in your favourite seasonings—like sea salt and parmesan cheese, or paprika and nutritional yeast. You can also sweeten it with a little nutmeg or cinnamon, and add a little crunch and some fibre by throwing in some nuts.

Pack in a reusable container to keep fresh until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Grain salad

If you’re hitting the beach for dinner, salad is a light and easy meal to pack in the cooler. Unfortunately, lettuce doesn’t do well in the heat. Luckily, there are plenty of grain options—like tabbouleh, farro, and quinoa—to mix with fresh vegetables and cheese.

Store in single serving containers and don’t forget the utensils!


If you have an insulated thermos or water bottle, mix up your favourite smoothie for a cool treat to sip surfside.


Like pita pockets, wraps are an excellent replacement for sandwiches. They can be filled with endless possibilities and have a protective outer layer to help keep sand out. You can also wrap them in foil to keep fillings warm and peel off as you eat.


Eating at the beach should be easy and fun, so kebabs are the perfect addition to any beach day. Plus, you can put almost anything on a stick. Whip up your favourite combo of steak, chicken, and veggies and place on skewers. Fruit is also great on a stick!

The added bonus is that kebabs can be eaten with sandy fingers.