Easter Egg hunts and Family Dinners


We were looking through our old family albums the other night.

It was strange sitting there 

doing something that we used to do quite frequently, but haven’t for oh, probably 10 years. We’re all used to sitting in front of a computer, or a large screen, or a small screen on a smart phone, scrolling through our photos as though they were a jerky movie of our lives. But to actually flip the pages and look at each photo was somewhat calming.But, some of the photos that really grabbed us were the ones of the Easter Egg Hunts we had with the kids, their friends and the whole neighbourhood. I’m not talking about nicey, friendly hunts in the flower beds, or in the shrubs. [/one_half]


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I’m talking full contact, scrambling through blackberry bushes, climbing over an old rotten stump type hunts with at least 20 kids, 4- 10 years old, dogs, and a starting gun…. ok, maybe not a starting gun, but a starting line all the same.

BANG! off they go baskets in hand, dogs barking, parents at hand with first aid kits and ice packs in case things get out of hand. We lost 2 kids in the first 10 minutes.

“Stay out of the shed!”

” Check the gutters!”

“Take your shoes off before you go in the creek!”

“Once its in the mouth its theirs!”‘

It lasted about 20 minutes. Funny enough, it all worked out even. The kids shared, a few searching for the last few eggs. I should mention that an hour before the hunt we had fruit and veggie platters, cheeses and warm bread to satiate the kids so that all that sugar wouldn’t turn them into fire breathing dragons. They were great days. Neighbourhood get togethers.

Afterwards we would spend the day walking or going for a bike ride along the puntledge river (back when Bear’s Bate trail was a knarly biking trail with mombo roots, rocks and bridges).

And then, Family Dinner!

These dinners were never very conventional. We’d incorporate the basic holiday ingredients, turkey, ham, and the accompaniements, and we’d turn it into more of a ‘grazing style’ dinner. A full turkey deboned, stuffed with spring type things – fresh herbs, asparagus, fiddleheads, and roasted off to make a beautiful galantine. The ham glazed and sliced for crackers and toasted breads, cheeses, fruits and as always a huge salad, just because the kids love salad soooo much! We’d have some fresh cherries and strawberries over ice cream and of course, every single easter egg left.

Seeing as how Easter is originally a Pagan Holiday celebrating spring, we always felt that we did our best to continue the tradition.Union Street

As the kids got older, the Easter Egg hunts discontinued, but we all managed to find time to have our Family Dinner. And now, we have Jazzy, our Granddaughter. She’s six and were wondering what to do this year. It’s kind of hard when there is only one, and all the kids in the neighbourhood have grown and gone. I know that there are activities in Downtown Courtenay, and I think there has been a egg hunt or two down at Simms park. If you hear of any, let us know. I know that here at Union Street, some little bunny comes dropping eggs around the restaurant the week before Easter. At least he/she’s clean about it. So keep anb ear and eye out and have a great holiday! Enjoy yourselves!

Thanks for reading!