The Perogy Factory!

About a year and a half ago, we were doing some local food research… on line mind you, not as exciting as it sounds. It would be wonderful to take a couple of nice sunny weekend days and travel up and down this glorious island stopping off at the wineries, farms and food outlets, just, exploring, but no, we were sitting in the office googling….

Perogies 4So we come across The Perogy Factory.

Our focus for a few years now has been Gluten Free. Danielle and I started eliminating wheat from our diet as a means of losing weight and feeling better. We read “The Thrive Diet” a book about how the body utilizes food by Brendan Brazier, the creator of Vega Foods and a professional triathelete.

The Perogy Factory caught our attention as it is completely gluten free. We started purchasing from them right away! What a great product! Our latest menu featured their Yam, Rosemary and Roasted Garlic Perogy which we serve crispy fried with our cucumber dill sour cream. We started using on Special Menus (Christmas, New Years, Valentines…etc) their Chocolate Cherry Perogies and their Blueberry Perogies. And now, they have introduced Spinach Feta Perogies…man are they good!

Perogies 2Through all of this excitement we have been feeling with their products, it never occured to us how it was affecting them!

They have a great little storefront in Duncan, down in The Cowichan Valley right on the main drag. It was kind of hard to get into, and it’s really easy to drive by without even noticing¬† it. But people did… a lot!

Well, Natasha just informed us that they are moving up to Ladysmith, without the storefront and are now doing production only! Because of the increase in business “from people who had them at your place and now are ordering all the time…” (her words) they have been able to secure a spot in numersous health and food stores in Victoria, Duncan and in Ladysmith.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to buy their perogies in Edible Island Foods right here in Courtenay! They also produce phenominal Cabbage Rolls and Kimchi. Perogies 3

We feel really blessed being part of this success story. The Perogy Factory is a family run operation and they work incredibly hard producing these unique products. We emphatically encourage you to purchase from them and support this local company.

We have so many small businesses on the Island here that deserve support. What a great place to live and do business!!

Thanks for reading….. (btw, those are pumpkin pie perogies – coming soon….)