Business Focus Neighbourhood Night

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Thursday October 4th

 Thursday November 1st

Thursday December 6th

5pm – 7pm  @ Union Street Grotto

You are invited to the 2nd Neighbourhood Night with a business focus, October 4th.

We are providing an opportunity to get to know your neighbour.  Many of us don’t know each other or what each other offers, this is something that we can easily change!

As part of our weekly Thursday Neighbourhood night initiative we would like to dedicate the first Thursday of every month to the Comox Valley business community. During this time we would like to learn more about each other and build relationships, in the hope that we can put together some ideas on how to start working as a community, in order to draw more attention to Downtown Courtenay.

“Let’s work together to make the pie bigger, not get a bigger piece of the pie.”


October 4th Meeting

5:00 – Meet, greet & mingle

5:30 – Guest speaker: Hans Peter Meyer

writer • photographer • social media artist & coach

“I’m a writer, photographer, social media artist and coach. I’m a dad to four great (grown) kids. I’m a dancer, a host, a gourmand, and a chef in my own kitchen: “Hank’s Bar & Grill.” I’m someone who appreciates and loves to share the fine and beautiful things in life. If this sounds like fun to you, be in touch: I love collaborations!”

5:45 – Eat, drink & socialize


Thank you, in advance, for your participation.

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