Camping Meals


We are foodies, even when we are roughing it, camping. Here is our breakfast: toasted pumpernickel bread, braised greens with onions, garlic, olive oil, Union St. focaccia spice, soft poached local, free range eggs, fresh made guacamole and salsa, with fresh local blueberries on the side.



Lunch on beautiful Gabriola. Soft corn tortillas (our new favourite, trying to avoid gluten) with fresh tomatoes & greens, bought that morning at the market. Eatmore sprouts , of course and fresh, not local, mango chunks. We put just about anything in our tacos, prawns, smoked salmon, bbq tuna, bbq chicken, mixed beans & roasted corn and of course cilantro and lime.




Mark’s cioppino, with everyone contributing. Fresh free range chicken, local smoked sausage, mussels, oysters, prawns, white wine, garlic, Union St focaccia spice.  He bbqed the chicken and sausage, sauteed the oysters with some fresh picked sea asparagus. Added the rest of the ingredients with fresh chopped tomatoes and let it stew. We served it over our lemon quinoa. Amazing camping dinner.

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