My view of Downtown.

This is my first blog, so excuse the poor grammer, phrasing, spelling and such. I just had an urge to share my thoughts about our town. There has been a lot of talk about Downtown lately. Feelings of community, support, business, are all topics we’ve all been discussing. So I’ve been formulating in my head about what it is that I personally would like to see. These views come from visiting other towns, 18 years of being downtown and perhaps, just looking at what, in my middle years, I would like to be a part of and grow with. Danielle and I have been through a lot of changes in these 18 years. We remember the 5th Ave Cafe, Mountain Meadows, North Island College, even Eatons. (ok that’s going way back, but still….) One of the things we remember when Courtenay was fairly small, was that everyone knew everyone, especially being in the restaurant trade. That’s something I’d like to see again, and I don’t think its far out there. There is quite a resurgence of ‘getting back to basics’ and being community minded. Local businesses, local produce, community. In the Comox Valley, and especially in the downtown core, I think we could make that happen. I think we could make Downtown fun. We could make it so that when people are thinking of what to do, they would think “..wonder what’s going on downtown?” This would mean more special events, impromptu gatherings, street closures, outdoor dining, just a lot more energy and, well, fun. I know that for a long time, especially through the slow times, we are all concerned about business, costs, overhead, but Danielle and I have tried to turn our heads and start thinking of our community. We did a walk around town the other day and ran in to a lot of people we hadn’t seen for a while and stopped and chatted about, whatever. It was very heart warming meeting and seeing all these people from our lives. We might not shop in all the stores downtown, but we sure support them. Anyways, just a short blog about what I’d like to see. Thanks for reading….

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