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Our New Video

We just made a new video with Shane Philips.


Danielle and I had been doing our daily Facebook updates, when we came across Eatmore Sprouts page. On it was a new video by Shane. We watched it, then we watched it again…what a great video! It had Shane singing an acoustic piece on it, and the general feeling was one of fun with everyone smiling and obviously feeling good.

So, our first thought was “we need one of these!”.  Funny enough, not 2 days later, who comes walking in but Shane. (Strange how these cosmic events just sort of happen…) Danielle and I both pounced on him and the wheels started turning… Shane is  a busy man with his music, family and now this. Between his busy schedule and our crazy life, we worked out all the ins and outs, what we were looking for and when would he/we be able to do it. January was a right off (See our Thailand blogs..) so February seemed to squeak out a couple of days where we were all available.P1000204

Shane has 2 Hero 3+ cameras that he works with, along with all the attachments and a whole slew of toys. One mounted in the kitchen, one hand held, then the next day one mounted in the bar and that’s pretty much all it took. We did put a Facebook contest (kind of) asking for volunteers to come and dine for free if they agree to be in our video and didn’t mind Shane walking on the table as they ate. All they had to do was tell us why they should be chosen for the Big Table. Our favourite response was from Ted and Mary, who said “…because we’ve been your best neighbours for 20 years and have come to Union Street for 20 years too!” Thanks guys!

GoofyDanielle and I have to thank all the people that were involved: our guests, but mainly our staff. Not everyone likes having their photo taken let alone filmed and plastered on our website and all over the internet.  They were great! They smiled, pranced and some even got right down and were goofy! Thanks to all of you!

Now we have a great Union Street Video. We hope you like it and if you have any questions, or want to make one yourself, here’s Shane’s Website.

Thanks for reading!