Just For Mom!

Just for mom!

We have two special menus to enjoy on Sunday, May 13

To honour all the moms, we’ve created two very special menus to enjoy on Mother’s Day.

On Sunday, May 13 your mom can choose to celebrate her awesomeness with brunch or dinner—or both!

Both menus are lovely and combine some of our favourite ingredients to ensure fabulous feasting all day long. Reservations are recommended, so give us a call at 250.897.0081

Here’s what we’ve cooked up for mom


{served from 11am – 4pm}

Chicken Crepes

Two crepes stuffed with roasted chicken, mushrooms, fresh basil and ricotta. Topped with a herb cream sauce and baked with cheese. Accompanied by your choice of soup, salad or fries.

French Toast

Three pieces of French toast made with bread from True Grains Bakery. Pan fried to perfection with a hint of cinnamon and served with maple syrup and fresh fruit.

Strawberry Chicken Salad

Artisan greens with BBQ chicken, fresh strawberries, zucchini, slaw, sprouts, and roasted pecans. Topped with strawberry honey yogurt dressing.



{served from 5pm – 9pm}

Shrimp Bruchetta

Toasted French Bread from True Grains Bakery topped with sun dried tomato pesto, red peppers, onions, tomato and wild baby shrimp.

Seafood Crepes

Crepes stuffed with snapper, tuna, shrimp, and ricotta cheese. Topped with a herb cream sauce and baked with cheese. Served with lemon quinoa and fresh vegetables.

Smoked Chicken
In-house smoked chicken thighs in a roasted red pepper cream sauce. Served alongside butternut yam potato mash and fresh vegetables.

Portabella Ravioli

Ravioli stuffed with portabella mushrooms in a tomato basil cream sauce. Topped with parmesan and served with a focaccia stick.

Strawberry Cheesecake

House-made cheesecake with fresh strawberries. Served with whipped cream, dark chocolate curls, and a cinnamon chip.