Christmas, Family & Storage Units

Mark & Kyle 2012We just moved our son and granddaughter into our recently finished basement suite. Our daughter, just moved from our RV where she had been staying since Labour Day, into the now vacant bedroom upstairs. Yup, one big happy family. What really amazed me with moving Kyle’s stuff from his storage unit to the basement suite, was just how many storage units we have in town here. I think we are the only race, and the only generation that requires storage units for all our stuff! Our winter stuff when its summer, our summer stuff when its winter, and just all the ‘stuff’ we collect over the years. George Carlin was ahead of his time with his comedy routine about “stuff”. For the last couple of years, Danielle and I have been hyper aware of our stuff and we’ve been focused on down sizing and purging ourselves of excess ‘stuff’.

Friday NightWhich brings me to Christmas (kind of convoluted, I know).  Christmas and ‘stuff’. Goes hand in hand I think. Along with our commitment to downsizing, Danielle and I also cut back on the gift exchange. Maybe it’s indicitive to our age and stage in life too, but who needs more ‘stuff’? So what we’ve done is focused more on family and friend time. Spending time over meals, enjoying what we already have. And this brings me, (as I’m sure you will have guessed this), to Christmas at Union Street. We’ve had a lot requests for The Grotto as a venue for parties, dinners, dances and weddings. This year we’ve been promoting The Grotto with special cocktail menu options (great for receptions or milling about parties), and full on dinner options. We can accommodate large parties with seating up to 60 guests. We’ve got  a lighted stage for a band or Uncle Bob with his inappropriate jokes that he always makes after a couple of martinis… just kidding, we don’t have an Uncle Bob. So rather than buying more stuff this year, have a celebration, it works for us! Have a great season!

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