Turn Down The Heat!

Turn Down The Heat!!!! February 1st – 8th….

Those of you (in my age bracket – old..) will remember hearing those words…”Turn the heat down!”, “Close The Door!!”, “What’re you trying to do? Heat up all of Comox?” Or in my case – Highland Creek! Anyone know where that is? If you do, we have to talk…

Fortis BC has continued on with their worthwhile innitiative, Turn Down The Heat week for it’s second year. Last year was a great success collecting warm clothing for those in need while, at the same time, encouraging a little sense of economic responsibility from all of us to cut down on some of our precious resources.

“‘Turndown the Heat Week, proudly sponsored by FortisBC, is part of an ongoing commitment to work with BC businesses to improve energy efficiency while having a positive effect in the community as well as an influence on your bottom line. You, along with many other businesses across the province, will be promoting energy conservation and encouraging customers to turn down their heat at home and at work, wear a sweater and to Canuck Sweatersdonate sweaters and other warm clothing articles for people in need.”

A great effort by all.  Theres quite a few businesses in The Valley that are offering up their spaces and time to help. So stay tuned to our FB page (‘Like’ us if you haven’t yet, you can never have enough friends..) and find out how you can help and contribute to those less fortunate.

So c’mon, lets all wear more sweaters! If they can, we can! Happy New Year!



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