Remembering our Mother's

good-Mom-225x300It’s funny with Danielle’s and my family dynamics. The similarities are scary. Firstly, both of our families have two boys and two girls in the same configuration – girl, boy, girl, boy. In Danielle’s family, she is the eldest, in mine, I’m the youngest (and some say we both exhibit the characteristics of those positions, which I have to say makes us work well together and at the same time give each other a hard time in how we deal with life…). Both of our parents had father’s that are Canadian English speaking and Mothers that were not able to speak English at the time of their weddings (my Mother being Dutch and Danielle’s being French Canadian). Both had to use translation dictionaries (Dutch/English, French/English) and both were married on the same day – August 1st. (Freaky, I know!)

Danielle’s Mother past away quite a few years ago, but we still have photos of her around the house and wish we had had more time. My Mom we see frequently as she moved here from Ontario quite a few years ago. Our generation has been referred to as the “Sandwich Generation”. – still dealing with our children, (and in our case, grandchildren too) as well as aging parents.  It can certainly get complicated!

So this Mother’s Day, just like I’m sure most of you will also be doing, we will be thinking about Mom’s. Unlike most of you we will be surrounded by Mothers of all ages and generations being treated by their families, or by each other, or at least in one case we know, will be out here at Union Street relishing in the time away from her family and hectic life. So to all the Mother’s that we won’t see…Happy Mother’s Day! You all deserve it. By the way, if you are interested, (and here’s my plug) here is a link to our Mother’s Day Menu 🙂

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